The Penn Hills
Community Census

Privacy & Community Census Data

How are we keeping community census data safe, secure and private?

The Penn Hills Rising Community Data Trust is being formed as an associated, community-governed initiative that will allow household data gathered from residents during the Penn Hills Rising Community Census to be actionable in helping to meet resident needs and aspirations, while diligently ensuring that personally identifiable data is shared responsibly and only with the resident’s permission and privacy is diligently maintained.

We have developed a community-based governance process and team that will ensure the privacy of household and personal data gathered from residents in the Penn Hills Rising Community Census project, while connecting resident needs to capable organizations that provide appropriate resources.

The governance team will reflect the Penn Hills community and include residents, local leaders, and experienced human service professionals providing resources in Penn Hills.

The data trust and governance team will provide sustained oversight to maintain the data and community connections process through the useful.

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How We Got Here – Work to Date

  • Process Overview
    • Facilitate 2 collaborative planning sessions with PHCDC & partners
    • Facilitate local neighborhood planning sessions across Penn Hills geography
    • Develop an outreach plan & survey based on input to date
    • Hire, train & deploy Penn Hills residents for outreach as the Community Corp
    • Implement the outreach plan to reach out to every household in Penn Hills
    • Gather survey data on-line & in-person

  • Project Interviews List
  • Project Interviews Summary
  • Project Interviews Outcomes

  • Project Community Meetings
    • Community Meetings Input Summary
    • Saturday, 11.12.22 @ 10.00am Rosedale Volunteer Fire Department Community Room
    • 11.18.22 @ Lincoln Park Community Center
    • 11.21.22 @ Blackridge Civic Association
    • 11.22.22 @ Hebron Community Center
    • 11.29.22 @ Griff’s Grounds, Leechburg Road
    • ___ @ Penn Hills High School Student Leadership
    • ___ @ Penn Hills High School Student Leadership
    • ___ @ PHCDC member meeting
    • ___ @ PHCDC member meeting
    • ___ @ Penn Hills Partnership monthly meeting - Outcomes

  • Project Outreach Plan

What You've Said So Far

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Please contact Pat Clark, lead project coordinator: