The Penn Hills
Community Census

Take the Census Now!

Every voice in Penn Hills is important – we want to hear yours!

Do you have a great idea for Penn Hills? Maybe a problem or concern you'd like to share? What do you need for a safer, healthier, happier life for you and your family?

The Penn Hills Community Census was designed as a means to understand deeply the wants and needs of our community. The results of this survey will be used to align our residents with existing programs that meet their needs, create new programs where necessary, and will be instrumental in helping to acquire state and federal funding to support programs and community improvement projects.

You can choose to take the census online right now, or if you need some help you can request a Penn Hills Rising team member come to your home and help you complete your census.


Neighbors reaching out to neighbors to learn what it will take to ensure a greater Penn Hills for all residents.

The Penn Hills Community Development Corporation has raised funds to conduct a Community Census that will hire local residents to undertake door-to-door conversations. We'll do this in collaboration with over 65 community-based organizations, regional partners, and resident leaders across the 39 neighborhoods of greater Penn Hills. Our collaborative partnership will set shared priorities and inform community investment based on the direct input of the people of Penn Hills.

These past two years of the pandemic have been truly difficult for so many of our residents and have brought challenges for all in our community. The Penn Hills Community Census will seek to find out how folks are doing by hearing from Penn Hills residents, neighborhood-by-neighborhood and home-by-home. We'll coordinate with our partner organizations to help connect those residents most in need with resources, while building volunteer resources, and giving everyone their say in moving Penn Hills forward together.

What's Happening

A door-to-door and neighborhood-by-neighborhood campaign to reach every household in Penn Hills.

A team of residents will be hired and trained to conduct the outreach and connect directly with their community. Planning for the effort is taking place in 2022 with outreach beginning in Winter & Spring 2023.

Outcomes will be shared with the community and used by partner organizations to inform future decision making, strengthen the people-based outcomes of the Penn Hills Comprehensive Plan, and better connect residents with the resources and opportunities they're looking for.

Upcoming Events

Look for Penn Hills Rising team members at local Penn Hills events to learn more about the Penn Hills Community Census. Let us know if you would like us to attend your event!

  • Stay tuned to find out where our team will be!

For More Information

To find out more or to become involved in the planning and outreach efforts, contact Pat Clark, lead project coordinator: pat@jacksonclark.net

For more information on the Penn Hills CDC, please contact Shawn Kerestus, Board Chair: shawnkerestus@pennhillscdc.org

Our Shared Values to Guide This Work

Show respect for all by listening to everyone and taking a positive approach.

Ensure privacy and security through community ownership of the information we gather.

Provide new opportunities that connect people to resources that raise our shared standard of living.

Recognize that every voice in our community is important.

Take a results-focused approach that promotes action, visible outcomes, and benefits to the community.